Residential Land Surveying Services

Find/mark property corners & stake property lines

property line staking

 Your property corners are actually iron rods placed in the ground by the original sub-divider of the property.  We will come out to your property and find these iron rods and verify that they are correct according to your deed.  Then stakes will be placed along your property lines between the property corners.  This is a must have service if you are putting up a fence. 

Boundary Survey Plat

boundary survey plat

 Your property and all improvements including but not limited to the house, driveway, decks, sheds, garages, fences, pools, walls, etc. will be located and shown on a plat.  This plat will be reviewed and certified by a Georgia Registered Land Surveyor.  Your plat will also meet all the requirements of the Georgia Plat Act and will be recordable at the County courthouse if you deem necessary. 

Site Plan

site plan for building permit

 The county or city where your property is located will require a site plan if you are doing any sort of building such as a house, an addition, or a pool.  The site plan starts with a boundary survey and may include other items such as topography (elevations or contours) and trees.  It all depends on what the county or city your property is located in requires. 

Lot Split or Subdivision Plat

lot split subdivision plat

 This type of survey starts with a boundary survey of the entire tract of land.  A lot split divides one tract of land into two tracts or lots.  A subdivision on the other hand divides one tract of land into more than two tracts or lots.  The survey plat will then need to meet the county or city requirements in order to be approved.  Once it is approved, deeds may be written in order to transfer title to another party. 

Elevation Certificate

fema elevation certificate

 If you are paying for flood insurance, then you may want to consider getting a FEMA Elevation Certificate to reduce or even make you exempt from paying flood insurance.  The certificate states the existing elevation of your home and compares it to the existing floodplain to determine if your home is higher or lower than the flood elevation determined by FEMA. 

Commercial Land Surveying Services

ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

ALTA NSPS Land title survey

 This type of survey is extremely detailed.  It provides the lender and title insurance company with the information needed to insure the title to the land.  

As-built Survey

as-built survey

 This is a common survey that shows conditions that have previously been built.  The county or city will usually require this type of survey after a site has been built in order to make sure that it was built as engineered. 

Construction Staking

construction layout staking

 This service is provided to contractors to assist them in the layout of new structures such as parking lots, building, etc.  Construction staking by a professional land surveyor can eliminate errors on the construction site and speed up construction schedules. 

Alcoholic Beverage Survey

alcoholic beverage survey

These types of surveys are required by counties and city in order to get a license to sell beer, wine, or alcohol.